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Bluejabb IM XMPP/Jabber

开发 SJ Software
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A full featured XMPP(Jabber) Secure OTR/TOR Client with the availability to send self-destructing messages and pictures2 days trial version:
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. Multiple accounts management support. Connect on start up to a default account. Predefined accounts on public XMPP servers, GTalk and well-known communities ( Facebook chat, Nimbuzz,,. . . ). PLAIN TEXT, IQ-AUTH and SASL authentication. Socket and HTTP connection (Polling/Binding). TLS /old SSL support. TOR (Orbot required). Multiple File transfer strategy (XEP-0095, XEP-0096 and XEP-0065) and user defined proxies or use Dropbox .. Setup login status, logout message, resource and priority. Stream management (XEP-0198) fully implemented ( Acks and Resumption)
. Create, remove, activate/deactivate and edit your contacts. Manage a black list locally or on server if server provides black list management. Set a contact as VIP. Set notification on presence standard/VIP contact status change (Popup alert, sound, vibrate,. . . ). Sort your roster by your defined groups,status or IM gateways. Contacts multiple selection mode for "group commands" (Send message, Search VCard, . . . ). Group contacts by status ,user-defined group or by IM gateways. Customizable quickbar. Set a predefined command on long press on a contact
. OTR (Off-the-record) conversation encryption. Archive conversation locally or send it by email. . Use Dropbox for transfer media content if XMPP file transfer is unavailable . Set notification on message reception from standard/VIP contact. Chat states (XEP-0085). Message carbons (XEP-280). Message Archive Management (XEP-313). Correct a sent message . Last Message correction (XEP-308) . Acknowledgment of receipt (XEP-0184). Start conference, invite contacts in a group chat. Multiple display format : Bubble, classic, . .
Group chat
. Browse conference services. Search chat rooms using keyword. Import/export your chat room bookmark. Edit chat room in your bookmark Nickname Password Auto-connect when login Accept or deny private chat from chat room Automatically Re-enter on kick .... Create private, public,temporally chat room. Enter IRC channel and store it in the bookmark. Show occupants,start private chat, kick or ban . Filter messages by user. Invite contacts in chat room
. Automatic current server's gateways discovery. Register/Unregister gateway. Add public gateway provided by other servers.....
. Dark and Light theme . Share message, link or media received by IM. Create predefined messages. Archive conversations and chat rooms locally. Set Paranoiac mode on connection . Display directly a received multimedia file (image/audio/video) in a simple message and conversation. Data low consumption mode. Archive locally your account contacts. Automatically reconnect when connection is accidentally lost. Active conversations and chat rooms will be automatically restored. Import/Export/Edit your profile (Vcard+Avatar). Customizable user interface (Screen transitions, . . . . ). Customizable shortcuts menu. Built-in server XMPP services explorer. Set your presence status globally or by contact. Publish your mood (XEP-0107) and your location(XEP-0080). Track contact's location. Setup auto-away timeout, status and text. Set on "Automatic presence subscription" mode. Built-in bots management : create most used commands. Items saved in a history for later use (Status texts, chat room's nicknames, ,. . . ). Add and customize background notifications for events needing acknowledge(Add contact, file transfer, errors, . . . ). Sleep mode with auto-reply. Indicate inactive state to server when going to sleep /auto-away (XEP-352)